Secrets To Raising Boer Goats Naturally

With America’s growing market for naturally-fed livestock for human consumption, Boer goats are a perfect cash crop. Health-conscious consumers looking for fresh, wholesome meat recognize the quality of Boer goats. If you are looking for a lucrative home business dealing with livestock then discover the secrets to raising Boer goats naturally, filling this booming market with a minimum of investment.

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The secret to raising Boer goats naturally is, quite simply, not to fight nature. Boer goats are hardy and low-maintenance. They grow faster and stay healthier when allowed to free-roam, and their food of choice is what other grazing animals don’t eat – weeds, brush, and tough grasses.

All you really need to provide is acreage and fresh water! No expensive food preparations, no need for careful pasture production and rotation, and no pens to maintain and clean.

Some farms add these goats as a second herd, allowing them to feast on what cattle and sheep leave behind. Others, particularly in southwestern states, have established thriving small businesses raising Boer goats alone.

Advantages Of Raising Boer Goats

Boer goats are bigger than most, averaging 200 to 300 pounds when full grown. Naturally hardy and disease-resistant, they are prolific reproducers with a low natural mortality rate.

They mature early, typically reaching both butcher weight and reproductive age in five to six months.

This means your herd will multiply quickly, and individuals go to market quickly providing your investment return. They are also mild in temperament, making them easy and fun to work with.

The Comprehensive Guide To Raising Boer Goats

While the business of raising Boer goats boasts a gentle learning curve, there are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your investment. Besides setting up your facilities and understanding your animals, you need to know how to choose quality breeding stock, where to locate butcher facilities, and how to develop your market.

An excellent online resource is This handy guide describes the breed in depth, along with tips on raising and enjoying vigorous and healthy animals.

Learn From Farmers Who Raise Goats Successfully!

As a business resource this comprehensive book is invaluable. Much more than a how-to guide, it is based on the narratives of six successful Boer goat farmers who offer their first-hand expertise to help you build a solid and sustainable business.

A more complete and comprehensive business resource would be hard to find anywhere. To find all the best secrets to raising Boer goats naturally, go to

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Alternative Feed Sources for Boer Goats

Whether you’re a sundown farmer or have been farming for years, goats are an excellent livestock choice to raise. Goat meat is in high demand by the large numbers of Latinos and Asians in the country. And the fact is goat meat is healthy and good to eat. It has less fat than other meats. The milk is also tasty, and there are other by-products to enhance profits.

Boer goats are the choicest goats for their meat. They are hardy and healthy animals and have the leanest meat of all the breeds of goats. The beauty of raising goats is the fact that their diets make them inexpensive to raise. They will eat most anything, but not everything. As odd as that statement is, it is important to remember it. However, the information on feeding and maintaining your animals is out there to be had. One of the best sources of information can be found at This site will give the potential Boer goat farmer the information on where to find answers to the most common questions.

The American Boer Goat Association, or ABGA, is the national registry for Boer goats and is the certification to look for when purchasing goats to start a herd. Boer goats are prominently muscled and built low to the ground. They are gentle and make good pets if desired. Their gentle disposition and build make them easier to manage than other goats. The ABGA guidelines for certifiable Boers can be found on their website.

One of the most important aspects of raising any livestock is the feeding of the animals. This is an expense that is perpetual. Naturally, the more roughage an animal will eat the more desirable that animal is to raise. But as stated above, goats will not eat everything. But chances are they will eat and thrive in any pasture they are put in. They will berry bushes, privet hedge, ragwort, gorse, and other assorted weeds and bushes. Cattle farmers will sometimes use goats to clean up the weeds of a pasture after it is depleted by the cattle.

Feeding is just one of the many questions to ask about when considering Boer goat farming. There are many other questions and plenty of experienced farmers with answers to these questions. Breeding, vaccinations, birthing, and a host of husbandry questions can be answered by going to This website will make available questions and answers to the most important aspects of Boer goat farming.

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Book On How To Raise Boer Goats

The demand for goat meat has increased dramatically in the United States in the last few years. By all trends, it appears to be continuing to increase, with no stopping point in view. Boer goats are hardy animals that can adapt to different environments, easily, and can survive in poor pastures where other animals might not.

One important tip to remember when raising boer goats is that goats can jump. So, check the fences regularly to make sure they are secure and high enough that the goats cannot escape.

On the other hand, goats can be tethered instead of pastured. So, if you have a spot of your lawn that you need cleaned up, you can tether the goat to that area and then rotate the goat to other areas, as needed.

If you want to really be able to get a jump on how to raise goats and even make profits, a good guide is needed. The guide found at is an excellent guide to help you learn the ins and outs of how to raise boer goats.

You can get a book on how to raise boer goats from this site. One excellent advantage to this book is that it has collaboration from several different boer goat farmers. What better way to learn how to do something, than to learn it from someone who is already involved in the business and has already learned the hard parts? These farmers are willing to pass on their knowledge, tips, and secrets to you.

This guide not only contains a book on how to raise boer goats, but there are also a few free gifts, as well. Include with this guide are guides to farming, in general, and guides to building a business and making money.

Anyone could stick a few boer goats in their yard. But, in the end, you want to be able to make a profit from this up and coming market. The combination of the books offered with this guide on how to raise boer goats an help you to do just that.

So, grab your copy today, and get started in what could prove to be a very lucrative business for you.

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